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Our partnership with Cambria brings the epitome of luxury and durability to your doorstep. Renowned for its cutting-edge quartz surfaces, Cambria offers a stunning array of colors and patterns perfectly suited for any interior. With Cambria, we guarantee not just a product but an artwork that adds elegance and sophistication to your space. Together, BW Granite and Cambria redefine standards, making luxury accessible to our discerning clientele.


Silestone stands as a beacon of innovation and beauty in our collection, offering high-quality quartz surfaces known for their resilience and versatility. Through our collaboration, we present a palette of over 90 sophisticated colors and three textures: smooth, suede, and volcano, ensuring a perfect match for every design. Silestone’s commitment to functionality and aesthetics mirrors our own, making our partnership a powerhouse for creating dream interiors. Experience the blend of beauty and practicality with Silestone at BW Granite.


MSI is a pivotal part of our network, providing a vast selection of countertops and hardscaping products. Our alliance with MSI allows us to offer an extensive range of natural stone, quartz, and porcelain products, catering to all tastes and requirements. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation complements our mission to deliver only the best. At BW Granite, our partnership with MSI means our customers enjoy diverse, high-quality selections alongside our trusted expertise.


Laminam introduces a revolutionary concept to our offerings with its thin, large-format porcelain slabs that open up new horizons in surface design. This partnership allows us to offer products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly durable and versatile, suitable for floors, walls, and facades. Laminam’s innovative approach to ceramics technology aligns with our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for our clients. Together, BW Granite and Laminam set new trends in the world of architectural surfaces.


Neolith brings the future of surfacing materials to BW Granite with its sintered stone slabs that are celebrated for their durability, versatility, and sustainable composition. Our partnership with Neolith means we can offer our clients innovative solutions that combine beauty, functionality and environmental responsibility. These surfaces are perfect for those who demand the highest quality without compromising on design or sustainability. BW Granite and Neolith are united in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in surface design.


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